Assessment of administrative and managerial staff

As part of the project “KAP 17” mplementatiion of the target model of personnel management "since 2017, " Kazakhstan nuclear University " has been evaluating administrative and managerial personnel (AMP).

Before the assessment begins, a one-day interactive training session is held for employees, during which the methods and tools used in the future for competency assessment are further explained. This reduces resistance and socially desirable behavior.

For individual and group work during the training, Cases are developed that are as close as possible to the specifics of the company's activities. As tools for evaluating managerial personnel, tests are used to identify the style of the Manager, a test to determine the theoretical knowledge needed by the Manager. The final stage is an interview on corporate and managerial competencies.

Based on the results of the assessment, reports are generated that are aimed at developing leadership and corporate competencies, and if necessary, individual recommendations are issued for further use in individual employee development plans.