Occupational retraining

On may 25, the training of students of the new 2020 enrollment year for professional retraining programs with Tomsk Polytechnic University began in the following areas:

  • "Technologies of uranium mining and processing enterprises" (the program for chemical technologists has been successfully implemented for the company's employees since 2013).
  • "Underground uranium leaching technology" (the program for geotechnologists has been successfully implemented for The company's employees since 2014).
  • "Geology of uranium deposits" (the program has been successfully implemented for the company's employees since 2014).

Modular professional retraining programs provide full-time and distance learning for a period of 8 months. The program includes three face-to-face sessions lasting 10 days, of which two sessions are held on the basis of the KNU and one on the basis of the TPU. Between face-to-face sessions, lectures, practical classes and consultations in the form of webinars (96 days) are held remotely at a set time. The training ends with the defense of the final qualifying work.

Upon successful completion of the educational program, a TPU diploma on professional retraining with the assignment of qualifications is issued, giving the right to conduct a new type of professional activity.

At the beginning of 2020, a set of trainees was announced for these programs and the subsidiaries of Kazatomprom JSC delegated their representatives:

JSC "JV "Akbastau" - 1., LLP "APPAK" - 5 pers., LLP "Baiken-U" - 3 pers., LLP "JV "Inkai" 3 person, too "KazatompromSaUran" - 2 person LLP "Karatau" - 2 people, "JV "Khorasan-U" - 3 pers., LLP "DP "Ortalyk" - 3 people, "JV of "UGHK" - 1., LLP "RU-6" - 1 person A group of 24 listeners was formed.

Due to the current quarantine regime in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the training schedule has been changed.now the first two modules will be held in a remote format in the form of webinars. According to the schedule of classes, all students of this program participa