Corporate events

Kazakhstan Nuclear University annually hosts unique corporate events - "School of Leaders", "School of Young Professionals", "School of HR-professionals", "Club of Chief Engineers", "Innovative School".

"School of Leaders" is aimed at forming a team of competent leaders / leaders of the new formation that share the strategic principles of the Company's development, who possess modern tools of effective management that can be one step ahead and solve ambitious tasks. Within the framework of the School on a systematic basis, participants comprehend and improve knowledge and skills of effective management, optimization of business processes in the face of limited external resources, lean manufacturing technologies, project management, etc., strengthen the corporate spirit and sense of ownership of the Company's successes and achievements.

“The School of Young Professionals” is aimed at expanding the professional horizons of the participants, acquaintance with the latest research and development projects of the Company, exchanging opinions and ideas in finding ways to solve production problems, mastering skills and tools for improving their production activities, and forming the spirit of corporate unity.

"School of HR professionals" is a permanent platform for heads of departments, managers and specialists of HR and personnel services of enterprises of NAC Kazatomprom JSC in the field of personnel management and development. In the course of the School's work, participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best HR-practices, get knowledge about new HR-technologies, discuss the practice of their application, exchange experience, demonstrate best practices in personnel management at their enterprises.

The "Chief Engineers Club" is a new project of the University, created with the participation of the chief engineers of the uranium mining and service companies of the Company in order to exchange experience and jointly develop solutions to the current problems of the industry-improving technology for extraction and processing of uranium-containing raw materials, reducing production costs, increasing productivity and quality of labor.