School of young professionals

From June 25 to June 30 2017, the regular school of young specialists was held at the recreation center Baganashil (Almaty), organized by the corporate university of the National Atomic Company - Kazakhstan Nuclear University.

The leitmotif of the theme of the corporate event was Lean Production, an innovative approach to management and quality management, as the most effective, reliable and cost-effective way for companies to improve their competitiveness. The present economic and financial situation has challenged enterprises, companies around the world whose main task is not only to survive in such difficult conditions, but also to maintain a positive development dynamics. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of the company in all areas of activity and, first of all, it will be due to increasing the productivity of available domestic resources, optimizing costs, and improving the quality of products. It's no secret that any transformational processes are accompanied by involvement in the process of each employee, who must become drivers of change, a role model for other employees of their enterprises. The main thrust of the School was reflected in the motto - "Let's make perfection a habit!".

The School-2017 was attended by 71 promising young specialists from 15 enterprises of the Company: JSC NAC Kazatomprom, LLP JV YUGKhK, LLP Karatau, APPAK LLP, Baiken-U LLP, JSC Volkovgeology, UMZ, Semizbay-U LLP, Khorasan-U JV LLP, Inkai LLP, SKZ-U LLP, KRK Zarechnoye JV, LLP DP "Ortalyk", "RU-6" LLP, "Kazatomprom-SaUran" LLP.

On ​​the initiative of the Chairman of the Board Mr. Zhumagaliyev, the movement of rationalization proposals, new ideas and innovative technologies was revived. This year, the first contest on the topic "The best proposal to reduce the cost of manufactured products" was held. In order to broadcast the rationalization movement to the participants of the School of Young Specialists, Demekhov Yu.V., managing director for the production of JSC NAC Kazatomprom, delivered a speech.

Within the framework of the School there was a Round Table where the participants of the School-2017 showed a desire to present their projects and rationalization proposals from such enterprises as UMP JSC (AVSveridenko, S.Kovalev), Karatau LLP (Saltybaev GS), LLP "Inkai" (Meldeshov TK), LLP "Semizbay-U" (Dauletin EM), JSC "JV" Zarechnoye "(Jalgasbaev D.Ya.).

In order to increase participation in the rationalization and inventive movement and increase the legal competence of potential inventors, the Kazakhstan Nuclear University has included in the School program a lecture on legal issues of patent science and intellectual property in the Republic of Kazakhstan. With almost two-hour lecture, the leading engineer on patent and inventive work of the Laboratory of Intellectual Property of the Institute of High Technologies LLP, Nikitina II, addressed the participants. - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, having more than 50 published works, the author of 10 inventions awarded with an honorary badge "Inventor of the USSR", honorary diplomas of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan. Particular attention during the speech was paid to the basic concepts and provisions in the field of intellectual property, including rationalization proposals, comments on patent legislation, explanations on matters of service inventions, the influence of patenting inventions on innovation processes.

The central place in the School program was allocated to the production and simulation game "Uranium Stream", whose goal is to produce an established quantity of the finished product ("uranium concentrate") of the established quality for a limited time, using the limited resources available. Participants in the game went through all stages of production: from drilling to production of the finished product. The leading trainers were experienced professional consultants of the Center for Individual and Business Psychology "Kokzhiek".

In the course of the game, participants solved such tasks as: to determine what creates the value of the product from the point of view of the end user, as well as all the necessary actions in the production chain and to eliminate losses; Reorganize the actions in the production chain in such a way that they represent a stream of work; do only what is needed by the end user; constantly reduce unnecessary actions; continuously improve the quality, technology, processes, in order to obtain the established volume of finished products; to obtain the necessary volume of specialized knowledge on PSV technology through "quality circles", while analyzing losses and taking adequate corrective actions.