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From 05 to 16 February in Almaty on the basis of the Kazakhstan Nuclear University the fourth module of the program for listeners of 2017 was held. Classes were conducted by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Sergei Goncharenko (Strategic Management of Mining Companies, "Forecasting Mining Performance") and Saule Dyusembina ("Investment Policy and Foreign Investment in the Mining Industry," "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Investment Mining Projects").

This MBA program is designed to give students a holistic picture of all the fragments of knowledge of the economy and management of mining, combined with practical interactive activities, taking into account the fact that students have different levels of academic knowledge and managerial experience.

It is noteworthy that the listeners, regardless of their position in JSC NAC Kazatomprom, actively participate in the educational process, showing their interest in its results.

  "When I learned that the company provides an opportunity to study under the MBA program, I immediately decided to become a student of this course.

What will the training program provide for me personally? First, the training takes place on a modular system (6 modules in total, 1.5 years in time) without interruption, which is very convenient. Secondly, having familiarized with the composition of lecturers and teachers, noted the experienced faculty, a thoughtful approach to his selection, a combination of teachers from Moscow and teachers of local universities. Thirdly, after completing the 4th module, I still consider this course to be useful, both for the leaders who have had many years of experience, and for young people who are beginning to take the first steps in the art of management. Fourth, I believe that the course of the program is prepared taking into account the specifics of the industry in which we all work.

MBA Mining is not only an opportunity to learn new trends in the management of mining, expand its horizons, but also the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from the subsidiaries of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, to join their experience gained in this direction. The course is useful, interesting, allows listeners to catch fire with new ideas, discoveries and, I think that at the end of the program many of its listeners will be able to apply the received knowledge in practice to make creative managerial decisions.

Asemgul Zhunusova

Director of the Department of Corporate Finance and Treasury of JSC NAC Kazatomprom


Kazakhstan Nuclear University is pleased to announce that the start of the MBA Mining program is scheduled for May 28, 2018.

The main directions of the program:

Management of the development and implementation of investment projects for targeted mining programs;
Human resource management in mining;
Financial management of mining;
Mining management
The program is designed for 1 year and 8 months and consists of six full-time modules. Training on the first and last modules is carried out in NITU "MISIS", Moscow, on the remaining four modules - in Almaty on the basis of the National Nuclear Energy Center.

For additional information, please contact the Program Coordinators:

Safura Mukhamediyeva - 20 656

Elmira Uisembaeva - 20 653

Also, you can leave a request on the site: www.knu.kazatomprom.kz